Guest Guidelines
At King's Cottage

As a family-run homestay,

We work hard to ensure each of our guests have the best possible time when at King's Cottage. Which is why we've also come up with a set of guidelines for all our guests to ensure they have a hassle-free stay here. 

Guidelines Regarding The Stay

  • Please be mindful of the property and everything inside your room when staying here. Please note that anything found broken or damaged will be charged to guests at actuals. 
  • We encourage our guests to bring as little plastic as possible keeping in mind that we are adjacent a very eco-sensitive zone. Hence, we also do not sell drinking water bottles. Filtered water in jugs is available in all the rooms! 
  • We encourage guests to socialize with other guests as well, which is why we have several common areas such as the dining hall and the gazebo. 
  • As we live in a remote location, power cuts are a possibility, especially during monsoon seasons. We rarely have power cuts but they do happen. We just consider them as an opportunity to go outdoors! 
  • Monsoons in Coorg are a event worth witnessing by themselves. The months from July to October-November are typically monsoon months, so please make sure you pack adequately. This goes for trekking as well! 
  • Please do not play loud music in the premises. Exceptions can be made during New Year's Eve, but otherwise we prefer if our guests listen to the music of the forests! 

Wildlife Around King's Cottage

  • As we are close to the forests, King's Cottage is surrounded by wildlife in the form of reptiles, amphibians, insects and other critters. Please do not be surprised or scared if one of these critters manages to find its way into your living quarters.

    We share a space with the wild in their home and therefore try causing as little disturbance as possible to them. 
  • Please do not feed any wildlife you encounter around King's Cottage or in your travels to the wildlife sanctuaries around Coorg. The wild should stay wild! 
  • When going birdwatching, it is absolutely important that guests try and stay as quiet as possible so as to not disturb any of the bird life in the vicinity. 
  • During monsoon times and rarely during the other seasons, you will most likely encounter leeches that will get on to your skin and feed on your blood. Leeches are typically regarded as harmless although rarely some people may develop an allergic reaction to the bite. 

    If you do find a leech on you, DO NOT pull it off as you will make the problem worse. Gently unhook the leech with your nails and flick it away. Wearing leech socks will also help! 

Any questions? Let us know!

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