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Tadiandamol. The crown jewel of Kodagu. 

At a staggering 5,735 ft above sea level, Tadiandamol is the tallest peak in the entire district, and Karnataka's tallest peak after Mullayanagiri and Kudremukh. The views at the peak are nothing short of stellar, and being a relatively easy trek makes this a place you must experience during your trip to Coorg. 

Trek Distance: 12-14km total

The official trek start point is roughly 2km from our homestay in Coorg. For those who'd like a warmup, you can start the trek from King's Cottage itself! 

Trek difficulty: Moderate

While there are some patches of forest and rocky trails you will encounter enroute, the overall trail is very straightforward and hard to get wrong. Tadiandamol is the perfect first trek for people looking to become adventurers! 

Trek duration: 5-6 hours

The total time, of course, depends on how long you spend at the peak, but 5-6 hours should be plenty of time! 

Tadiandamol FAQs

As with any trek in South India, each season has its own specialty that adds to the charm of the trek. Visit during the monsoon and you'll be welcomed with cloudy vistas and the pitter-patter of rain gently caressing your cheek (although the rain can certainly get much stronger at times!). While a winter trek means that you can start your trek later in the day and still have a very comfortable experience, but most of the region will be quite dry. Summers tend to be rather harsh, so we recommend winters or monsoon treks. 

Yes, the Karnataka Forest Department charges INR 100/- per person to trek to the peak and back. 

Camping is NOT ALLOWED at Tadiandamol, and you will have to plan your trek accordingly as the trail is closed from 5:00 PM till 6:30 AM in the morning. We recommend that you stay with us at King's Cottage near Tadiandamol, only 2km away from the start of the trail! 

There is a single shop that sells basic snacks enroute, but no proper meals. We will be happy to pack lunches for you, at an extra cost and advance notice of at least 12 hours. 

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